Halo Reach: New Armor with Defiant Map Pack?

Halo Reach: New Armor with Defiant Map Pack?

In a few more weeks, the new Map Pack for Halo Reach will be released, containing two multiplayer maps and a firefight map, but is there more than just the 3 maps? Well, a brand new helmet has been spotted in the Defiant Map Pack Screenshots from Halo Waypoint.

After a highly discussed thread on Bungie.net, it is not known whether a new helmet and chest piece will be added with the Defiant Map Pack.

From the thread, the new Helmet and Chest Piece is not available in the armoury (Even after achieving the highest rank), and the image has not been Photoshopped or edited since it was shown on Halo Waypoint.It is unknown whether the armour will be added to the Map Pack since it will create many glitches and problems.

In the gameplay screenshots, it is clearly visible that there is a new helmet. Some say it is a deformed image of the Gungnir Helmet or the EOD helmet, or both of them combined.

A rumour has been circling around the Defiant Map pack, that an ELITE armour Permutation might be added, it is unknown whether Bungie is ever going to release DLC armour.

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