Halo Reach: Covenant Weapons

Halo Reach: Covenant Weapons

Plasma Pistol: The plasma pistol has the ability to overcharge and shoot a very strong ball of energy that can lock onto an enemy. If the charged up ‘blob’ hits your enemy, it will completely drain their shields. This weapon is not recommended as it’s main purpose is to take out someone’s shields. Although in the Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta, The Plasma seemed much more stronger, but it is unknown whether the power of this weapon will be changed. This is almost exclusively used for short range combat

Plasma Repeater: The plasma repeater is a strong plasma weapon, which is like the Plasma Rifle (Only in Campaign), but a more larger, stronger version. The new plasma rifle has a longer shooting range and can do as much damage as the UNSC’s Assault Rifle. It has a high rate of fire and can kill opponents fairly quickly. This weapon can overheat if fired non-stop and will need to be cool down before you can use it again. The plasma rifle is a short to medium range weapon.

Focus Rifle: The focus rifle is literally a beam rifle, that fires a lot like the sentinel beam in Halo 3. The main difference is that it has a scoping feature. The beam rifle is very effective at long range but it can also be used at short range. The major disadvantage for the weapon is that the beam can be seen from almost any were from any map. This is one of the weaker power weapons but if used efficiently can be used to grab a few kills and support teammates.

Needle Rifle: This is the covenant medium to long range weapon. It shoots pink needles that can cause your enemy to explode (like the Needler) after a certain amount of needles have been stuck on the opponent. This weapon has a small scope which can be used to get some hits on enemies at a farther distance. The needle rifle has a limited rate of fire but can still be used to kill enemies. It is like the covenant version of the UNSC’s DMR.

Plasma Launcher: If you love plasma grenades you’re going to be very excited about this gun. This weapon is the ‘grand-daddy’ of all covenant engineering. It has an auto lock feature that shoots homing plasma grenades in quick succession that can obliterate oncoming foes with the click of a button. If you know that an enemy around the corner you do not have to wait to lock on, you can fire without lock-on. You can shoot 1 to 4 grenades, depending how long you lock on to enemy. This is the most powerful covenant weapon if used in the right hands.

Needler:The Needler is a well known for its ability to lock on opponents, and showering them with pink needles that can explode on the opponent after a certain number of needles have hit the opponent. This weapon has been upgraded from Halo 3 making it an effective as well as a powerful weapon. It is a good short to medium range weapon that can be useful for those annoying campers.

Energy Sword: The energy sword is a one hit kill if it is a direct hit. A direct hit is when the enemy does not block the sword lunge by melee-ing the attacker. There are two ways to use the energy sword, you can lunge toward an opponent from about 5 feet when the reticule becomes red. The other was is to beat down the opponent (as it is faster than lunging). It is said that the Energy Sword will have its own assassinations, instead of using the UNSC’s Combat knife and the Elite’s Energy Dagger.

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