Halo Reach: Armour Abilities & Tips

All armor abilities have usage limits, and you can only use them if you have enough in your armor ability meter. Most of the abilities slowly drain your meter, E.g. Evade drains half of it in each use, after 2 evades, you have to wait to recharge.

Not all abilities are available in all game modes, depending on the game mode, the weapon loadout that comes with a particular armor ability may be different. A few abilities are team/race specific E.g. Sprint is only available to Spartans. Evade is only available to Elites.

The Sprint armour ability allows you to run at much higher speeds than normal.
– This has the benefit of allowing you to jump longer distances as well. Excellent for clearing large gaps to reach your objective.
– Great for catching up to an enemy when they are moving away from you. If their back is turned, it increases you ability to deliver an assassination.
– This is a Spartan Only ability. Elites receive the evade armor ability instead.
– Once you hit the armor ability button, this will remain in effect until you meter runs out, or you hit back on the controller.
– Sprinting also makes you a harder target, but don’t rely on it, you do not move faster than bullets
– Run Forest!! RUN!

Active Camouflage:
This Armour ability allows you to be virtually invisible to enemies. But the downside is that your radar gets jammed.
– When you are not moving, you are virtually invisible to enemies.
– The faster you move, the more visible you are.
– This is great for defending an area, such games like CTF and territories, hide back against a wall or into a corner and don’t move.
– When activated, it scrambles radar/motion sensors of all nearby units (friendly as well as enemies), including your own….Damn!
– When activated also mutes or muffles most sounds (it’s like you’re underwater), this will make hearing the enemy much harder, so good line of site is your friend.
– Remains active until you run out or hit the armor ability button again.
– Hold off on using this until the enemy is near you. Watch your radar, and when you see them getting close, turn it on.
– Coming out of active camouflage to check your radar can be a life saver!
– Active Camo with a Shotgun or Melee weapon is instant BEAST MODE! :P
– Now you see me, Now you don’t….Now you’re dead

Jet Pack:
Choosing the Jetpack for your armour ability allows you to fly for a limited amount of time. (Get more hang time than Jordan!)
– This can be used to great advantage on large maps to get an overall view of enemy positions on the battlefield.
– You are an easy target if the enemy has a good line of site on you while flying. So beware of Snipers and Needlers
– Make sure to save a bit of boost for your landing, you will want to tap/feather the jet pack as you come down to avoid damage or death.
– Get a couple teammates together and fly over the enemy position raining grenades on them.
– You can still assassinate other players who are flying as well. Just fly behind them and hold the melee button. Spartan Vs Spartan Assasination: The Assasin pummels the enemy by raising its fists about its head and powerfully bashing the opponents head. CRASH LANDING!
– The can also be used to quickly gain the high ground and the best sniping/ambush positions on a map as well.
– Lasts until it runs out, or you let off the button. This one

    requires the button be held down to work.

– Want to get up there quicker? Jump then hit the Jet pack at the top of your jump.

Armor Lock:
The Armour Lock armour ability creates a Personal Temporary Shield that is indestructible.
– You cannot move while lockdown mode is enabled.
– You can turn it on and off quickly to avoid grenades, bullets, melee, etc…
– This can be a great way to create choke points in narrow areas such as hallways.
– A locked down Spartan can also be used as temporary cover as it will deflect/absorb enemy gunfire.
– At the end of the lockdown, you give off an EMP pulse that will take out the shields of nearby enemies (they have to be pretty much on top of you).
– This ability stays on until you let go of the button or your meter runs out.
– If you are almost dead and need a few seconds for your teammates to catch up, go into lockdown mode till the cavalry arrives!
– Armour Lock can also destroy vehicles that are heading towards you or try to splatter you. So when a vehicle is heading towards you, (hopefully you chose it) us the Armour Lock ability in front of them, and BAM!…the enemy is gone :)

The Dodge Armour Ability allows the player to Dive/Dodge in any direction to get out of the way, or get into position. This Armour abilty is only used by Covenant Elites. This is how we roll!
– You can evade in any direction.
– This ability can be used twice if you have a fully charged meter.
– Mixing this ability with a melee weapon is another great way of handing out the PWNage Cookies.
– Dive past enemies for quick assassinations or reach an objective.
– Rolling backwards can be a great defense against melee, grenades, etc…
– If you want to truly feel like a ninja, grab a plasma sword and get rolling… Also, plasma grenades are extremely useful when using the Dodge ability, you quickly dive towards the enemy, stick them, and then dodge backwards…Watch them EXPLODE! :)
– This is an Elite only ability. Elites get this in place of Sprint.

More Quick tips will be coming soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments area.

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