Halo Reach: Armory - Helmet & Visor Colors

Halo Reach: Armory - Helmet & Visor Colors

Like in Halo 3, you are able to customize your spartan. But in Halo Reach, The Armory allows you to create your own Spartan. And when I say customize, I’m not talking about a different helmet and armor color, But you can personalize the look of your Spartan from the color of the visor he wears all the way to the voice you can use in firefight.

This screen shot [Above] given to us by Bungie shows the depth of customization they want you to have over your Spartan. You can see above the list of different options available for you to change.
There are about 10 things that you’re able to customize on your spartan:
– Helmet
– Right Shoulder
– Left Shoulder
– Chest
– Wrist
– Utility
– Visor Color
– Knee Guards
– Armor Effect
– Firefight Voice
As well as gender, emblem and colors.

In order to be able to upgrade different parts, you must earn credits. Credits (cR) are earned in normal gameplay for things such as winning and the role you played on your team and also by completing specific daily challenges given out by Bungie each day.

It should also be noted that they have made a change from the Halo Reach Beta. In the Beta, the different cameras and helmet attachments, were more expensive than the base helmet itself. Bungie has changed this to where the base armor pieces will cost the most, and additional attachments will cost less to add onto your helmet. They also note certain Helmet augmentations change the helmet significantly (Armor Effects)

This depth of character customizations should have players spending hours of hours just to unlock the most expensive armor permutations. The Armory should also add a level of personalization to your character, rarely seen in first person shooters, making your Spartan feel as if he is actually yours. Your spartan can be also used in Campaign, as shown by Bungie. YOU can determine the look of Noble Six.

These are all the helmets that Bungie have showed (which look amazing) as well as showing us the Attachments. Not only did they create new, awesome-looking helmets, but also modified the Helmets from Halo 3

Differences from Halo 3 Helmets to Halo Reach Helmets:
– The EOD helmet’s eye visors have been connected, so instead of having goggles, you have a thin and long visor
– The Scout Helmet, is more round-shaped, and doesn’t have anything pointing out, like Halo 3, where the top and bottom pieces of the Scout Helmet were sticking out.
– The EVA helmet is more rounded, it is said that Emile’s helmet design [Skull] can be unlocked/bought
– Master Chief’s MarkVI Helmet will return to Halo Reach (YAY!!!)
– CQB is also returning, looking more round than square in Halo 3
– Security is returning to Halo Reach (Its the helmet that has a really large visor)
– It is said that if all the helmets have been bought, you unlock an armor attachment where the helmet is a skull (Bungie.net Forums)
– The Recon helmet will be an exclusive armor permutation in Halo Reach to those who buy the game on the launch day at North American retail stores, or by making a pre-order reservation at participating retailers such as GameStop and EBGames for those outside of North America

You are also able to change the color of your visor (finally!), the colors are:
– Default
– Silver
– Blue
– Black
– Gold
– Red?
– Emile’s Helmet Design (Skull)?

Check out the many different Helmets in the gallery, and tell us what you think of the new helmets, as well as the modified helmets from Halo 3.

[Halo Reach: Armory – Right/Left Shoulders, Chest & Wrist] – Coming Soon

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