Halo Movie Synopsis (containing spoilers!!!)

Hello Halo Fans…

In 2009 the new movie “Halo” will show on the big screens. Below is the Synopsis of the Movie (Containing Spoilers YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!)

After escaping from the Battle of Reach, Captain Jacob Keyes and his crew, aboard the Halcyon-class battlecruiser The Pillar of Autumn, have discovered an ancient ring in an uncharted area of the universe. Soon after their discovery, they are attacked by several Covenant ships that had followed them from Reach. Their only option is to abandon ship, but not without a fight. Keyes orders their secret weapon to be awakened from cryo-sleep, Master Chief John: Spartan-117. He is the last of the super human soldiers created on Reach known as Spartans. After a noble fight, the Master Chief abandons the ship as well, taking Cortana with him, the A.I. heart of the Pillar of Autumn. He will soon be on a quest that will unveil many secrets about the ring, some of which should lay buried forever…
Cant wait for it!!! but the only problem is that it might be CANCELLED!!!!
I hope not!!!!
Halo 3 Tips and Tricks from me soon!!!

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