Halo 4 Limited Edition Details

Halo 4 Limited Edition Details

Available for pre-order today comes the Halo 4 Limited Edition, packed with additional content to maximise your multiplayer experience, the Limited Edition will surely drop the jaws of many Halo fans.


Denouncing a Legendary Edition for the game, 343 explained that their main focus was on one special edition, rather than multiple editions. The reason for that is to give gamers an easier choice when buying the game. Do players want the stand-alone game, or the game plus a large handful of goodies?

Encased in a UNSC themed box, the Limited Edition comes with a whole lot of additions mainly for Infinity, the name of Halo 4’s Multiplayer experience. These Include:

War Games DLC Map Pack Access

Presumably a season pass to Halo 4 DLC Maps, this pass will give players access to 9 multiplayer maps (3 future multiplayer map packs), showing off new locations in the Halo universe.


Unlocking new customisable options for your in-game Spartan, everyone will be able to access specializaions, but for those purchasing the Limited Edition, 6 specializations will be given to you early, giving you a head start for War Games. More information about specializations will be announced at E3, but it looks to me as if they act as ‘perks’ for your loadout, giving your spartan more ammo clips, or an extra grenade, changing up the gameplay.

UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet

Much like Halsey’s Diary in the Halo Reach Limited Edition, Halo 4 Limited edition will also include a packet/book of information based on the Halo universe, including Spartan armor customization schematics, information about UNSC weapons, an introduction to the UNSC Infinity, and an insight into the Spartan-IV program. Fans of the Halo story will especially enjoy this packet of informaion that provides ‘a glimpse into the indoctrination of Spartans aboard the Infinity’.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition

Recently announced Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live action series, will be included in this edition of Halo 4 with additional scenes and special features. This live action series will take fans back to the Human/Covenant war, where Master Chief inspires a young cadet, who eventually becomes the leader aboard the largest UNSC vessel, Infinity

Bonus digital content through Xbox LIVE

The Limited Edition also includes:

  • A unique in-game Spartan-IV armor skin
  • A unique in-game weapon skin for the Assault Rifle, yes! weapons skins/ customisation is confirmed, I’m assuming it will follow similarly to Gears of War 3’s weapon skins.
  • An exclusive in-game Emblem
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar Prop
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar Spartan IV armor set.

The Standard and Limited editions are available for pre-order today, Halo 4 will be released worldwide on November 6th. Are you guys excited?

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