Hacker finds encryption flaw in PS Vita

Hacker finds encryption flaw in PS Vita

And you would have thought Sony would have learnt from their security problems of the year – such as the PSN network and the constant attacks on Sony’s affiliates. Turns out, maybe not. A hacker has found a flaw in the PS Vita in how it encrypt data.

SKFU – known for his attempts in trying to crack the PS Vita to allow users to play homebrew apps – found the flaw and has posted it up on his blog, noting:

After a complete freeze of the system within the first 5 minutes after unboxing (*always happens to new consoles 4 me rofl*), I went on and noticed that there is a problem with the VITA’s encryption functions and was able to decrypt some test files directly via the system.

Should we be worried about this? Well, maybe. It does allow people to decrypt the firmware and see what is inside.

We’ve asked Sony for a comment – but most likely won’t hear back until next year.

[Thanks PS3Hax]

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