Group claiming to be Anonymous targets 2Day FM after prank call

Group claiming to be Anonymous targets 2Day FM after prank call

Image: gaelx/Flickr (Creative Commons)

A message posted on YouTube claiming to be from Anonymous has threatened 2Day FM – the station which broadcast a prank call which then led to the tragic events last weekend that saw the nurse apparently take her own life.

“You are directly responsible for the death of another human being… We have found you guilty of murder,” Anonymous said in the video.

“You have placed your advertisers at risk – their databases, their websites, their online advertising. We demand you terminate the contracts of Mel Greig and Michael Christian. We will not listen to any more excuses. We will not let you escape your responsibility. You have a funeral to pay for.”

The station is reportedly “in crisis” after the nurse who was prank-called by the radio station, Jacintha Saldanha, died in an apparent suicide on Friday night. The two presenters are off the air until further notice, and are undergoing concealing due to the tragic event.

If this is indeed from Anonymous, then Gizmodo Australia has noted that could involve several telcos being at risk from an attack by the group. I’m really not sure if this is from Anonymous – even the group behind OpAustralia – given that anyone can claim to be part of the group. This might be affiliated with the group.

But even then, Anonymous has targeted predominantly bigger organisations such as religions and governments. They have attacked corporations in the past – but usually those supporting controversial internet regulation.

So, this attack against 2Day FM seems – well – out of the ordinary.

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