Greens announce support for NBN

Greens announce support for NBN

ELECTION 2010: The National Broadband Network gets another political party tick of approval – this time from the Greens, after announcing in a statement that it will pledge its support for the multimillion dollar project that is at risk when the Liberals win the election.

“The Opposition’s wrecking tactics in the telco sector have gone far enough with the in-principle agreement signed between Telstra and the Commonwealth Tony Abbott no longer has a constituency for blocking, delaying and avoiding reforms,” Scott Ludlam, the communications spokesperson for the party said in the statement.

“The NBN should go ahead, with priority for communities in regional areas, and it should absolutely stay in public hands so that we don’t see another repeat of the debacle that followed the privatisation of Telstra.”

The Greens support will most likely assist Labor’s plans to keep the construction of the NBN ongoing if it holds the balance of power in the Senate after earlier in the week, the Greens announced a voting preference deal with Labor that would see its preferences in the House of Representatives flow towards Labor, and preferences from Labor to the Greens in the Senate.

However, South Australian Greens have opted out of the deal, along with five other seats after local candidates objected to the deal.

But while the Greens support the NBN – one of the main policies of Labor during the previous election – it still will not give its support for the mandatory internet filter. The Greens, alongside several of the tech community, have been vocal opponents to the filter.

Image: Kainet/Flickr

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