Gran Turismo 5 on sale for under $80 [Bargain Hunter]

Gran Turismo 5 on sale for under $80 [Bargain Hunter]

Released just three days ago, Gran Turismo 5 has a long awaited game for many PlayStation owners, after being revealed to be in development at E3 2009 and at E3 2010. However, looking around the web, you would have thought the game would be expensive as – especially looking at EB Games’ price of $118.00! Ouch. For us, that is a bit too expensive, and we have found cheaper prices for the game.

Why spend $118 when you can spend less than $80. In fact, it is only $77.97. Where? Big W (See page 23, it should look something like that on the right). Yeah, not a typical gaming place; but hey, if it is cheap, go get it!

Compared to EB Games’ price, you are saving $40. That is a huge bargain, especially for a new game.

Big W is only selling the game at that price until December 1. So you better go out and get it now before stocks last. And if you do find out that the game has sold out, you can purchase it online at their store.

However, if you did muss out on those bargains. We found a cheaper alternative (though its not under $80), and that is from GAME. They are selling the game for $98 – but does give free shipping.

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