Grab a Chromecast for $39 from Dick Smith

Grab a Chromecast for $39 from Dick Smith


If you’re after a Chromecast and were waiting for it to come down in price, now is your chance. Dick Smith have dropped the price of a Chromecast to $39 including delivery with a coupon code. The deal is only for products delivered and not available in-store or via click-and-collect. The deal is only valid for one Chromecast per customer. Use the ‘SAVER10’ coupon code at checkout.

The Chromecast has been available for a few months now and it doesn’t seem there is a huge demand for them in Australia – mainly because of the lack of Australian apps that support it. We’ve seen Quickflix enable support for Chromecast but nothing further has been announced. Once you’ve got your Chromecast, check out our guide on it’s best features and apps.

Order from: Dick Smith Website

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