Google's new Android Music application leaks

Google's new Android Music application leaks

At Google I/O in March 2010, Google showed the world the Chrome Web App Store, announced Google Wave’s public beta and also showed off Android 2.2, deliciously called Froyo. And at the same time, they showed the attendees a music player that would be released “beyond Froyo”.

The demo showed of a new look player, a new feature that lets you wirelessly send purchased music to your Android mobile and another new feature that allows you to stream music from your PC to your phone.

The new player didn’t make it into Froyo or Gingerbread, but has somehow leaked to internet through the XDA-Developers.

According to Engadget it’s still “super buggy” and doesn’t include the streaming features, but it does show off what could quite possibly be a drastic UI change for Android 3.0. Also, Engadget notes that there is a Menu button on the top-right of the screen, which was also seen in the D: Dive Into Mobile interview with Andy Rubin, as well as the current applications icon in the top-left. They think that Google might be getting ready to remove hardware buttons or just add the software buttons. But only time will tell.

If you feel like some Tuesday Night frustration, you can get the “buggy” APK here. Or just watch the video below. The decision is yours.

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