Google to cut 200 jobs from sales

Google, the number one search engine and search advertising company in the United States, has said that it will be axing 200 jobs in its sales and marketing team after it had over-invested in certain parts of the Silicon Valley-based company.

“Making changes of this kind is never easy—and we recognize that the recession makes the timing even more difficult for the Googlers concerned,” Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President for Global Sales and Business Development, wrote in a blog post on Google’s official blog.

“We did look at a number of different options but ultimately concluded that we had to restructure our organizations in order to improve our effectiveness and efficiency as a business. We will give each person time to try and find another position at Google, as well as outplacement support, and provide severance packages for those who leave the company.”

The move has been a round of efforts that Google can survive in the tough economy and a slowdown in advertising spending, even though they survived when the Web Bubble burst. In January, they laid off 100 recruiters, and an additional 40 people would be laid off in February, when it pulled the plug in its radio advertising project.

Projects like its Twitter competitor Jaiku, web bookmarking service Notebook and social network Dodgeball were axed in January, along with other products from the company; though Jaiku will be updated by a volunteer group of developers in Google.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company will try to find new positions for those affected, but will not be able to do the same to all of the 200 employees facing the axe.

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