Google stops taking Street View pictures in Germany

Google stops taking Street View pictures in Germany

Image: Sancho McCann/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Germans will no longer see the infamous Google Street View car around their cities, as Google has decided to pull its cars from the country after ongoing disputes between its citizens over the service.

Google has decided that it will no longer take any more images for its Street View service, and the 20 existing cities it has already taken images will still be up but no longer updated. This is despite a ruling in Germany that has declared the photos legal.

A spokesperson told search blog SearchEngineLand that Google now will focus on collecting other data, “such as street names and road signs to improve our basic maps for our users in a similar way that other mapping companies do.”

Many also speculate that Google’s halt is also due to the unpopularity of the service amongst residents. Once Google relented to allow people blur their buildings, there have been 250,000 homes that have been blurred out and many more are added.

There is no word where this plan will also affect its other territories, especially in Europe, where there is more restrictive privacy laws.

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