Google shows off its API collection - with the help of Mendeleev

Google shows off its API collection - with the help of Mendeleev

It appears that someone at Google has too much time on his hands. Google has released a new way to showcase how many APIs it has for its products, and trust me, there is a lot that it offers to developers – by putting them in a periodic table.

Well, all those that it has made publicly available as of January of 2011 – expect this to change in a couple of months.

While it looks beautiful – in terms of a HTML document with CSS – it isn’t an anatomically correct as in the Periodic table, the rows and columns have some meaning where the elements go to. Then again, it would be even harder to group them in such a fashion. And yes, I know I am nitpicking on something based on the Periodic table but isn’t Google’s version of it. However, the colours do point out the relation of each API it has – all organised to be either in the following categories of Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data APIs, Social, Misc, Ads, Geo, Tools and Chrome – and many do overlap.

So what’s its purpose? Again, just to highlight what projects and APIs that Google has to offer to developers, and it’s a really good way to show off the projects that people may or may not know about. Heck even I didn’t know that Google had Chart Tools or Storage.

So, well done Google!

By the way, Mendeleev refers to Dmitri Mendeleev, the person who started the Periodic table.

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