Google reveals 41 new features for Google+

Google reveals 41 new features for Google+

googleplus241 new features. Yes, you heard that right. Google has announced 41 new changes to its social network Google+ that will affect the Stream, Hangouts and Photos.

First out of the block was the Google+ Stream – it will be getting a redesign to bring it in line with its mobile applications and can fit multiple devices. Also being rolled out is “Related Hashtags”, so you can go deeper on your interests with other topics related to based on a post.

Following in the footsteps of Facebook Messenger, Google will spinoff its Hangouts feature into a new app. The main focus of the Hangouts app will be conversations; and will be available today on the web, iOS and Android. Notifications are synced, so if you read it on Android it will be marked as read on iOS.

For photos, Google will let users store up to 15GB of full resolution images. Another new feature is called Highlights, automatically choosing the best images out of a gallery of images for events like – let’s say – a trip to New Zealand. Images are chosen by boosting images that have landmarks and smiling people, and removing photos that are blurry.

Another feature added is called “Auto-Enhance” to make a perfect image – such as removing noise, softening skin on the face and even add structure to the clouds. The last feature is called “Auto Awesome” which will have five effects such as Motion (creates a GIF based on burst shots), HDR, Panorama and “Smile” (creates a new image based on all smiling faces).

All of these features are rolled out today.

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