Google+ reaches 10 million, +1 used 2.3 bilion a day

Google+ reaches 10 million, +1 used 2.3 bilion a day

Google’s earnings call delivered strong results – even beating predictions, as usual. However, the webcast for investors revealed some more strong results for the company’s social products, including Google+.

According to CEO Larry Page, over 10 million people have joined Google+. Despite being a small number compared to Facebook’s 750 million people, but still pretty good, especially for the relatively short life it has up to now. In addition, over 1 billion items have been shared between users, indicating that people are actually using it despite people also having either a Facebook and/or Twitter account.

And trust me, it’s hard to break old habits.

What’s also interesting is that Google’s +1 button – which now appears on every search link – is also being used. How many times? Well, 2.3 billion times a day. Of course, the huge numbers boost is most likely linked to the addition of it on advertising and search results.

Expect this to grow as more and more people receive their invites. However, like every single social network competing against Facebook, MySpace or Twitter – how long before the buzz dissipates? In addition, will people still continue to use it or will Google+ be another Orkut?

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