Google pushes consistency in Android - "Holo" theme to be mandatory

Google pushes consistency in Android - "Holo" theme to be mandatory

Google appears to have resolved the issues of its fragmentation with the announcement that it will push its really sexy Ice Cream Sandwich theme – “Holo” – on all phones that have been approved to carry the Android Market. In other words, any major label phone will have to have Holo.

“If the device has Android Market it will have the Holo themes as they were originally designed,” Adam Powell wrote in a blog post. “This standardization goes for all of the public Holo widget styles as well.”

Don’t expect, however, all phones to be like the Galaxy Nexus with its pure Android theme. They will let manufacturers to customise the themes – but just not as much as it had done beforehand. By doing this, it will mean that updating to new versions of Android will have a shorter wait as they don’t have to make sure their theme does not break in the update.

But how long you’ll have to wait for that update is still up in the air.

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