Google Music event announced for November 17

Google Music event announced for November 17

All the way back in May Google announced Music Beta, a cloud music player. It’s US-only (sort of) and uploads music you already have to play in your browser, on the Android app or iOS webapp. The big thing Google Music Beta didn’t have, however, is an online music store or subscription service.

Now a number of news outlets in the US, such as TheNextWeb and The Verge, are reporting that Google has scheduled an event for November 17 (AEDT) called “THESE GO TO ELEVEN.”

While there are no official details on what will be announced, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a music store announcement that will finally allow Google to compete with Apple.

The event is starting at 9AM AEDT on Thursday 17th of November and you can find all about it right here at as well as livestream it on

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