Google Maps get a massive redesign - focuses on what matters to you

Google Maps get a massive redesign - focuses on what matters to you

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Google Maps is about to change – at Google I/O, the company showed off its next-generation Maps product with the ability to create millions of custom maps based on what you want to do instead of one map for everyone.

Google will tailor a map just for you highlighting what it considers as useful – like the roads and landmarks that may help you get to a different location. It also lets you find local places easily, and a simple click on their information will provide more information such as the reviews and who has recommended it amongst your Google+ friends.

The new update will bring all of its imagery in one spot so you can fly through cities, climb mounts and even swim oceans – all thanks to Street View. It also introduces a new “Earth View” which simply integrates Google Earth into Google Maps without a plugin – but it does require you to have a WebGL-enabled browser (like Chrome); and Photo Tours, allowing you to go sightseeing with thousands of user-submitted images from the world.

It’s current in invite-only stage, but expect a rollout to everyone in the coming months.

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