Google Maps adds live transport information for Sydney's trains, buses

Google Maps adds live transport information for Sydney's trains, buses

Google has quietly added live transport information for Sydney on Google Maps, meaning that users will be able to see timetable information from Cityrail and Sydney Buses and plot their travel routes based on that information. Now, I’m getting jealous (because I’m from Melbourne)

Based on what we have seen on Twitter – by Peter Wells from MacTalk – it appears that it also is working on iOS devices that do not have iOS 6 installed. As you may recall, Apple is ditching Google Maps in this update and replacing it with its own map service. And of course, this will also work on Android’s own Google Maps implementation.

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Previously, light rail timetable information was currently available. Sydney now joins Canberra, Perth, Cairns and Adelaide in providing Google Maps live transport information. According to Lifehacker, both Brisbane and Melbourne were also meant to do something about it, but of course nothing happened.

If you’re looking for transport applications in Melbourne, however, we have guides on the most useful apps to get you around for Android (by Tom Solari) and Windows Phone. iOS devices have the official Public Transport Victoria application – just make sure you get the “original” version, because that is more useful than the latest one.

Editor’s note: We’ve contacted Public Transport Victoria about why Melbourne has not been added – and we’ll see. If it’s anything like the R18+ questions we asked, it’ll take 3 months for a response.

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