Google launches Play Music All Access, takes on Spotify

Google launches Play Music All Access, takes on Spotify


Google has launched its new music streaming service that competes heavily with Spotify. The new service, called Google Play Music All Access, promises to bring a unique, Google approach to subscription music.

Features are pretty much similar to Spotify – you have access to its large library of music to stream, while also able to store your own music (via its locker service). In addition, there is a radio “without rules” – letting you play any song immediately, and remove them with a swipe of a finger.

It’s US$9.99 per month with a 30-day trial. As usual, this will be out in the US only.

Google has also shown off new changes to Google Play. The website will get a brand new redesign to match the brand new design on its tablet and mobile apps; while also showing off a new option to show tablet-designed applications (based on their guidelines) when viewing the top lists.

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