Google [was] down. What now?

Google [was] down. What now?

Google seems to be encountering some technical difficulties tonight, with many of their services slow or even inaccessible. This just so happens to coincide with the launch of their IPv6 service. Maybe something has gone horribly wrong? At the moment, the Google homepage loads after around a minute of waiting as does YouTube whilst many other Google services like Google Play and Google Plus timing out.

Before you blame my internet connection, this hit and miss access seems to be affecting others, with several Twitter users complaining that their access is slow or none at all. Australian web hosting company, VentraIP, are also experiencing issues at the moment. They lost power to their data center, PIPE International Cable Landing Station in Cromer NSW, which they have hinted is also causing the issues with Google.

Are you experiencing or have experienced any issues with Google tonight? Let us know below.

UPDATE: Google seem to be back up and running as before. *phew* We are yet to hear anything from Google and I’m doubtful as to if we ever will. It also appears that this outage was confined to Australia.

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