Google Chrome Beta lands on the Android Market

Google Chrome Beta lands on the Android Market

As if Google Chrome OS wasn’t irrelevant enough, Google has today announced a beta for Google Chrome on Android. It’s only available in select countries, which includes Australia, and only works on Android 4.0, or Ice-Cream Sandwich.

The browser looks similar to the default Android browser on Android phones, and looks very much like desktop Chrome on tablets. The benefits include syncing your bookmarks and tabs between the desktop version and a new, very cool cards-style tab interface. Other than that, it is still very similar, at least in my experience on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, to the default browser.

This could very well mean the end for Google Chrome OS and Chromebooks, with an Android OS being much more powerful than a web-only OS and also the fact that Chromebooks haven’t sold very well anyway.

If you want to give the Chrome Beta a test-run you can download it here for your ICS Android phone or tablet. In my experience I’ve seen slight glitches with web pages, but they will likely be fixed when the browser goes out of beta. It’ll also be interesting to see whether Chrome for Android will be updated at the same time, or at least as regularly, as the desktop version. Release video after the break.

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