Google China employees given holiday, networks tested

Google China employees given holiday, networks tested

After publicly announcing that it may rethink its China strategy after an attempted breach of its servers and stopping censoring content from its search results, Google has given all of its employees based in China a holiday as the company steps up its security of its networks.

“We are currently running tests and scans internally to ensure that the network is safe and secure,” a spokesperson for the company wrote to Bloomberg.

The network security tests come as Google was one of the 33 websites attacked by Chinese hackers in an attack to target human rights campaigners, with Google announcing in a blog post that it may shut operations down in China, including offices and its websites. Google has struggled with market leader in China, Baidu – and Google is also facing similar trouble in Japan and South Korea, as localised search engines beat Google.

Google, however, is likely expected to shut down operations, given how public this has become. But given China’s stance on censoring the internet, allowing Google to not filter could set a precedent that could also see Bing and Yahoo follow.

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