Google+ catches up, now let brands to set up pages

Google+ catches up, now let brands to set up pages

It still has a useless API that doesn’t let you write, but Google+ is slowly catching up with rival Facebook with its new Pages feature. Yes, now brands are able to create little profiles on Google+ to interact with their followers.

It’s a big move for Google, which was launched in June of this year. Many attempted to set up brand pages on Google+, but only to have them shut down due to their (controversial) names policy. A week later, reports emerged that Google was testing corporate accounts after many applied to Google begging to test it out.

Google+ Pages won’t be able to play any games or the option to share to ‘Extended Circles’ – meaning friends of friends – nor able to use its Hangout service on a mobile device (though, are able to do so on the desktop). In addition, Pages cannot add people to follow them until that person actually follows that page, or is mentioned at least once. Other than that, the features are still the same.

Google is also integrating these pages into its search results, and will directly take you there when you type +(brand name) into the search box.

And already, Google is hard at work in improving the Pages feature after requests from users. According to Dennis Troper’s Google+ page, they are already hard at work at multi-admin support, ownership transfer and page analytics.

By the way, you can follow on Google+ now. +1 us!

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