Google brings printing to mobile devices... via the cloud

Google brings printing to mobile devices... via the cloud

See something new? Well, you should. Google has now introduced on its mobile versions of Google Docs and Gmail a brand new feature – printing. Yes, now you can print documents from Google Docs and Gmail from your mobile device. Wait, what?

Yes, turns out it’s going to be using – you guessed it – the cloud via its new service Google Cloud Print. How does it work? It’s essentially a Google Chrome add-on and will send your data from your mobile phone to your computer with the printer hooked up. This also means that you will have to leave your computer on before you leave if you happen to be on the go. Not that convenient.

But, once that has been done, you just go to Google Docs or Gmail and press the two arrows button to reveal the Print option. You will also be able to print email attachments with the little “Print” link next to the attachment.

Right now, it will be rolling out to all users in the US (and who happen to be using the English version) today and tomorrow, and will work on phones that support HTML5 – which basically are Android 2.1+ phones and iOS 3 devices. As well, it is only available for those on Windows – so Linux and Mac users will have to wait for now. You can download the add-on here.

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