Google brings Chrome to Android - only ICS (for now?)

Google brings Chrome to Android - only ICS (for now?)

Google’s popular Chrome browser is now heading to Android with the launch of Chrome for Android beta for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This means, you can now experience the same speed and simplicity of the browser on your phone or tablet.

While the version for your smartphone looks almost like the native browser on Android ICS, the tablet version is more like its desktop counterpart – including having the tabs on the top. Despite the stylistic changes, the browser includes many privacy tools – including Incognito mode if you wanted to do a bit more private browsing on your tablet or phone.

Other new features include easy bookmark syncing between your phone/tablet with your computer, so all your favourite sites are present no matter where you are; and you can even open tabs you left open on your computer – so if you had to leave when you’re seeing live coverage of something, you can switch to your phone or tablet to continue seeing it.

It is now available on the Android Market – and again, only for ICS sadly and only for selected countries (which also include Australia, so don’t worry, you can use it).

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