Google brings affordable VR to the masses with Daydream View

Google brings affordable VR to the masses with Daydream View


Google has announced this morning that it will release a headset for its latest virtual reality endeavour, Daydream. Called the Daydream View, the newest VR headset promises to make VR affordable and more fashionable.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy VR headset, it requires a phone that is Daydream-ready. The Google Pixel already supports this, but they say that they expect more of its Android hardware partners will support Daydream in the future. Connecting the two is also apparently seamless.


It also comes with a controller featuring a 9-axis sensor for precision tracking, allowing to perform actions whilst immersed in the environment. And when you are done, you can easily place the controller inside the headset so it is never lost.

As you may have noticed, the Daydream View looks different to other VR headsets. Google’s newest headset is made from a soft, breathable fabric designed to make it comfortable to wear for long periods – such as watching a movie. The fabric design also allow people who have glasses to easily put on without having to take their glasses off or have it uncomfortably squashed inside.

The headset is coming in November for US$79, and you can add yourself to the waiting list to ensure you’re the first to know when it’s coming out. It will be available in three colours: Slate (grey), Crimson, and Snow.

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