Google adds 4K support with new Chromecast Ultra

Google adds 4K support with new Chromecast Ultra


Google has announced this morning an update to its Chromecast lineup of devices, with the introduction of the Chromecast Ultra. The new addition includes support to stream 4K content, HDR and Dolby Vision content via Wi-Fi; and some performance changes that Google say make it 1.8x faster than the previous Chromecast.

While YouTube and Netflix have 4K content for you to stream, Google also announced that it will be making Google Play Movies & TV content available in 4K from November. If your network is not ready to handle 4K via Wi-Fi, the Chromecast Ultra will support Ethernet connectivity via an ethernet adapter.

The Chromecast Ultra will be coming out in November for $99 in Australia via JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

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