GoDaddy attempting to thwart transfers to Namecheap over SOPA support

GoDaddy attempting to thwart transfers to Namecheap over SOPA support

Namecheap has criticised GoDaddy for attempting to delay transfers of domains to its former customers unhappy with their vocal (and now former) support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

“Specifically, GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process,” Namecheap accused in a blog post.

“This practice is against ICANN rules.”

GoDaddy has since reportedly, according to an update by Namecheap, unblocked their queries for transfers and now “should go smoothly from here on.”

The company’s support for SOPA, which it dropped within 24 hours of public knowledge, has seen a boycott movement after someone posted on Reddit that he was transferring his domains in opposition to their support. The movement has attracted some high profile support, and appears to be working with GoDaddy – according to MacObserver – losing 72,000 domains from the past five days.

Rival companies are taking some pleasure from this, with many offering special discounts for those transferring their domains to them. Some, such as Hover, Namecheap and have also publicly announced their opposition to the law.

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