Gillard to replace Conroy with 'someone more competent'

Gillard to replace Conroy with 'someone more competent'

Image: Kim Davies/Flickr (Creative Commons)

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Stephen Conroy could be out of the cabinet with Prime Minister Julia Gillard already looking for someone to replace him as Communications Minister.

According to sources close to Gillard, Conroy’s ousting is due to a threat from the Greens that it would revoke its deal to support the Government. “The Greens want someone more competent,” according to one source – listing his support for a mandatory filter as one of the reasons why they feel he is not up for the job as Communications Minister.

“They see it as a way to renegotiate a deal – especially since they see a weak Gillard because of Queensland.”

The same source also note that Gillard is pushing Conroy to resign from the Senate “under the pretense of family reasons” in order to appease demands of the Greens. Conroy, a staunch supporter of the Prime Minister, is refusing to do so and has also not backed down from his controversial mandatory internet filter.

Conroy’s resignation would mean that Gillard would see a reshuffle – just less than a month from the previous reshuffle that saw Bob Carr replace Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. However the source has said that they are not lining up any candidates until Conroy agrees to resign.

Another source has hinted that there is a possibility

Both the Prime Minister’s and Senator Stephen Conroy’s office could not be contacted for comment.

Note: April Fools! Conroy isn’t being sacked because of the Greens. Unfortunately, that means that we’re stuck with the damn mandatory filter plan – darn reality.

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