GIFT IDEA: the Amazon Kindle for the book lover

GIFT IDEA: the Amazon Kindle for the book lover

Struggling to find a gift? We might be able to help. If the recipient is a book reader and wants an easier way to read his favourite books, then a good gift is to give them an eBook reader. While there are so many to choose from, we can only suggest one – and that is the Amazon Kindle.

Yes, it may sound a bit bias, but I absolutely adore the Amazon Kindle. It is one of the best eBook readers out there and, especially with Amazon’s large-scale distribution network, has the widest variety of books on the Kindle. And thanks to a recent redesign and price cut, the Amazon Kindle is a bit more accessible.

Currently, there are three versions of the Kindle that are on sale to international customers: the Kindle, the Kindle Keyboard (the original Kindle) and the Kindle DX (one with a larger screen). We suggest you go for either the first two.

In Australia, you pretty much have two options to buy the Kindle – online at its website or from Woolworths. Dick Smith, owned by Woolworths, is selling the cheapest Kindle for AU$139, while Amazon is selling it for US$109 – and due to the Australian dollar being somewhat on par with the American dollar, it is relatively the same price. But while we moan about the price increase, you will also need to pay shipping charges to Amazon and might way for two weeks, while you can get it now from Woolworths.

It really just depends on the shipping charge and when you want it. If you are stretched for time, then you should go to Woolworths. If the shipping charges still make the price lower than what Woolworths is selling it for, then go for Amazon.

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