GIFT GUIDE: Stocking stuffers under $100

GIFT GUIDE: Stocking stuffers under $100

Having a Secret Santa in the office? Or are you just looking for a cheap gift to give to a co-worker? Next up on our Holiday Gift Guide, we’re taking a look at Stocking Stuffers that are all under $100. Yes, because we’re all cheap bastards as well. Why not take a look.


iPod shuffle

Cheap, versatile and exercise-friendly. The iPod shuffle is the smallest in the entire family of iPods, mainly because it lacks a screen. It is also the cheapest, with a price tag of $55.

Regardless of that, it is still perfect for the health-nut as you can simply attach it to your arm sleeve while jogging around the street. With 2GB of memory and up to 15 hours of battery life, it will most definitely last their daily workout regiment.


Logitech UE 400 Earphones

Billed as the headphones made by top touring musicians, the UE 400 certainly delivers sound. Despite the price being under $100, they are good sounding noise-cancelling earphones. It also has a chrome finish and different size ear cushions; and has a flat cord which makes it tangle-proof – so no more struggling to get the cord out of some complex mess of wires.

There are two variations: the 400 and the 400vi – which are designed for your iPod or iPhone as it has a remote on the cord. The price difference is only $20 – the 400 is $79.95 while the 400vi is $99.95.


Xbox Live Gold Subscription

You can obviously tell that our gaming section writers are a tad bias towards the Xbox 360, rather than the PS3 (except for Chris). Despite this, this is a great gift for any Xbox user who has not entered the realm of Xbox Live, or as an additional thing on top of a game such as Dance Central 2 or Halo Anniversary. You’ll also give them access to arcade games and other items from the Marketplace.

12 month subscriptions are priced at EB Games for $88 and at GAME for $79.95 (or $74.00 online), so it’s a great stocking stuffer for gamers.


Mophie Juice Pack

With recent reports of poor battery life of the iPhone and iPod touch thanks to the iOS 5 update (reports are now saying that it has been fixed with a recent update), why not give this person a Mophie Juice Pack? It’s essentially a battery pack to your iPhone or iPod touch, doubling the battery life of the device. If you’re on an iPod touch, it may not be necessary, but for an iPhone – it is, especially when you have several background applications running.

In Australia, you can purchase it from the Apple Store; but, if you go to Amazon – especially since the Australian Dollar is nearly on par with the US Dollar – you’ll find it a bit cheaper (depending on the shipping charges)


iTunes Card

If you are really desperate, then you can give them an iTunes Gift Card. While it may seem like a cop-out, they can use it to purchase a wide variety of things on the iTunes store for their iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or just on their computer. Music, apps, books, or even applications – yes, this will let them buy anything from Apple’s App Store, iTunes Store or iBookstore.

You can read more Holiday gift ideas, guides and bargains on our Holiday Gift Guide page, which you can find at

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