GIFT GUIDE REVIEW: innerexile Hydra case for iPhone 6

GIFT GUIDE REVIEW: innerexile Hydra case for iPhone 6


Well, this is my first iPhone case review and the first time I’ve heard of innerexile. I’ve had many phones cases, usually from well known brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Belkin and others but this is the first time I’ve had a case from innerexile. I was rather interested in the particular case as well since it was “self-healing” meaning that small scuffs and marks would disappear.


The case design itself is rather boring. Available in only three colours: clear, black and pink. The case still clearly displays the iPhone but with the black and pink colours, the case is just slightly tinted. The case is only 7.9mm thick and doesn’t rise up against the top of the screen, so you’d probably want additional screen protection. The case is rather hard to grip, actually slippery. In fact, I’ve dropped my phone twice since using the case (don’t worry, the phone is fine). One good thing is that access to the buttons and volume switch are completely open and not covered.


One of the major issues with these types of clear cases are the scratches and scuffs they attract but the Hydra case fixes this! The Hydra case is coated with a “proprietary coating” which will automatically heal itself when scratched. I found out first hand that it doesn’t do so well with deep scratches (take a look at top left of the photo above) but it works wonders for scruffs and light scratches. In fact, I got some steel wool, scratched the case and watches the scratches disappear within seconds.

Another issue with all the dust and other debris that can get caught behind the case and along the sides. Unfortunately, the Hydra case doesn’t do any better – but it is super easy to remove and clean the case if it gets too dirty.

  • Score:

    9.0/ 10

  • The Good:

    Self-healing, basic and clean design, cheap

  • The Bad:

    Dust/debris issues, very slippery

  • Bottom Line:

    Very cool feature but doesn’t really protect the phone

The innerexile Hydra case is rather impressive, with a clean cut design and a self-healing feature. It’s a basic case but I feel that it doesn’t provide much protection for the phone itself. Sure, it protects the back of the phone from scratches but it doesn’t offer any sort of drop protection. It would be nice to see a later iteration of the case feature drop protection.

This case would be a great gift idea since it’s only $26.99! If you’ve got a friend or family member who has an iPhone 6, this would be a great idea. The case is available at EXPANSYS Store for Innerexile, who also provided the sample unit.

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