Get ready, Facebook set to launch a brand new design again

Get ready, Facebook set to launch a brand new design again

Image: Tom Solari/

Ahead of its f8 developers conference this week, Facebook is set to roll out a major redesign of its user profiles. So when you were just getting use to the minor tweaks and changes that Facebook has made in the past few months, now get ready for another huge learning curve.

According to Mashable’s sources, it will be part of its wider music and media platform. In addition, it would be designed to get users to stay longer and push its Facebook Credits to its users with even rumours that it could be tied to its HTML5-based platform known as Project Spartan.

In addition, rumours have pointed at an app store coming soon to Facebook. Saying that it would be interesting to see is an understatement, as there is no need for the social networking site to actually launch this.

It’s music platform is been widely speculated to be announced at f8 and partner with services such as MOG, Rdio and Spotify – streaming music services which Australians are not able to access (legally) due to royalty issues. Mashable is hinting that it would also see deeper integration between the services so that when you listen to one song from Spotify, then you’ll have that show up on your wall.

Anyway, so get ready to see a huge learning curve. Once we get our hands on it, we’ll make sure what you’ll need to know

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