Gentoo is now (unofficially) on the Raspberry Pi

Gentoo is now (unofficially) on the Raspberry Pi

Image: Tom Solari/

For those who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi has basically taken the entire tech world by storm – mainly because it’s a computer on one board, and it’s only US$25. And what’s great about the device is that it is open source – so pretty much, you can tinker away. And that is what one Australian has done – by making a Gentoo port for the Raspberry Pi.

Our friend Intel Miner has today released this port of Gentoo – and if you want to try it, here’s some things that you should know:

The timezone is set to GMT +9:30 Adelaide, Australia, you will have to run “cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/<Country>/<Area> /etc/localtime” to correct this

The networking config is set to static to increase boot speed, the configuration for which is stored in /etc/conf.d/net

You will probably want to set up Distcc for compiling, though the ARM processor on the Pi (at 1Ghz) is reasonably fast, the SD card would probably take none to kindly to that kind of abuse!

You can download it at his website.

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