Garmin announces new nuvi GPS lineup, includes a 7-inch model

Garmin announces new nuvi GPS lineup, includes a 7-inch model


Garmin has announced the details of its new 2013 line of GPS units. In total, Garmin will bring out six GPS units, split into three series lines – the Essential, the Advanced and the Prestige. While all three have a 5-inch and a 4.3-inch (except Prestige) models, the Advanced has a jumbo 7-inch GPS unit. Good luck trying to mount that on your windscreen.


The Essential series features the nuvi 42 (4.3-inch) and nuvi 52 (5-inch). They have bright displays, spoken turn-by-turn directions and include preloaded maps that have points of interest information included. This is targeted for the more budget-conscious and just want the basics; or for those who are new in getting a GPS unit.


The Advanced Series – which includes the nuvi 2497 (4.3-inch), nuvi 2597 (5-inch) and nuvi 2797 (7-inch) – includes all the Essential features, but also includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair your smartphone and, with its Smartphone Link app, use it to receive its live services. In addition, it has its Real Directions with Real Voice service – where it tries to emulate driving with a friend who is navigating you through the city. Instead of street names, it will use landmarks, traffic lights and buildings to direct you.


The Prestige Series – which is essentially the nuvi 3597 – includes turn-by-turn directions; Real Directions with Real Voice; Active Lane Guidance – telling you what lane you need to turn in order to exit; HD Digital Traffic – its live service to monitor traffic, and only in America; 3D terrain view; and, of course, Bluetooth connectivity and Smartphone Link support. The 3597 also includes a new magnetic mount, so it is securely holds the device and charges it.

All of the new GPS units are set to be out by the first quarter of 2013 in the US. No international availability has been announced.

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