Gamescom 2015: Halo Wars 2 announced for 2016

Gamescom 2015: Halo Wars 2 announced for 2016



With all these announcements at Gamescom 2015, Xbox left something special for last which surely excited Halo fans. Halo Wars 2 was announced for the Xbox One and Windows 10, and is set to release sometime in ‘Fall 2016’ (Spring 2016 for us Aussies)

The first Halo Wars was a Real Time Strategy game, set in the Halo Universe and was released in 2009. Halo, being a popular First Person Shooter, It was something totally different to fans of the franchise. Not much is known about Halo Wars 2 at this point, except for the fact that it will be a strategy game, that features “fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all-new Halo story”

The game is also being developed by Creative Assembly, the studio behind the Total War series of strategy games.

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