Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction extended next Friday

Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction extended next Friday

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

So, Samsung’s attempt to make the Christmas shopping season is getting slimmer and slimmer with the Australian High Court extending the for its ban until next Friday. So, if you’re planning to get this tablet – you can send all your fury to Apple.

The extension was to allow Apple to have its case heard in the High Court.

Samsung, obviously, is annoyed by the result – as it had planned to start shipping the product one minute after the injunction was lifted.

“Samsung believes Apple has no basis for its application for leave to appeal and will vigorously oppose this to the High Court,” it said in a statement.

However, according to ZDNet Australia speaking to patent lawyer Dr. Mark Summerfield, it could be in vein. “If the High Court thinks [the full bench decision] has been misinterpreted, it may be disposed to hear an appeal,” he said.

“However, on the basis of the factual findings, it does not seem that it would make much difference, even if the High Court wants to correct the full Federal Court’s legal reasoning. Three out of four Federal Court judges who have looked at the case have found no prima facie case of infringement.”

So, Android lovers, you’ll have to wait another week.

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