Gadgetlyst Bytes 8: Computer, Google and Motorola and the TouchPad

Gadgetlyst Bytes 8: Computer, Google and Motorola and the TouchPad

This month, we talk about various gadget stuff. Right… who would have guessed! Only joking, we talk about the computer, how Google is acquiring Motorola and the tales of a dying TouchPad.

Stewart and Tom again are both here and this episode is actually on time!! Don’t forget to subscribe and download and RSS and whatever else you can do.

See you next month!



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Show Notes

The Stories

DIVIDED BY PHONES: Map shows Android/iPhone popularity in USA

The Computer

Google buys Motorola Mobility for US$12.5 billion; will continue being open

EU-wide Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban suspended (except in Germany)

Symbian Anna finally out, hopefully fixes problems that makes us dislike it so much

HP just killed the TouchPad and other webOS phones

Report: WebOS team hated TouchPad, WebOS ran twice as fast on iPad

Microsoft app recruitment drive gets 500 responses

Nokia releases three new Symbian phones, proves it won’t die (yet)

HP to make one more batch of TouchPad, possibly revive chances for webOS

Nokia confirms N9 release date, coming to all carriers in October

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note – 5.3-inch display, includes pen


Tom: Samsung Galaxy Note

Stewart: Optus 3G Home Zone


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