Gadgetlyst Bytes 6: XOOM, XOOM, XOOM and Arnova...

Gadgetlyst Bytes 6: XOOM, XOOM, XOOM and Arnova...

With a title like that, you would be right in thinking that we are talking about the Motorola XOOM. We also talk about Nokia WP7, a cheap $99 tablet and a whole lot more Gadgetlyst goodness.

Order has finally been restored to Gadgetlyst Bytes as Stewart has decided to join us. So download/subscribe/tune in as this is one of the few ‘normal’ episodes this year.

See you next month!



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Show Notes

The Stories

Motorola XOOM adds Wi-Fi only – features Android 3.1

Nokia WP7 phone leaked out – codename “Sea Ray”

$99 USD Android Tablet – Arnova 7

Nokia announces the N9 smartphone – finally gets into the game

Telstra launches the world’s fastest 3G Wi-Fi hotspot

Sony releases teaser for new tablets

Dolby sues RIM over use of audio technology

IT’S OVER! Nokia and Apple settle patent dispute, Nokia the victor.

Rumour Mill: Microsoft launching own Windows 8 tablet?


Tom: Quantum dot solar panels

Stewart: NBN


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