Gadgetlyst Bytes 1: The Pilot

Gadgetlyst Bytes 1: The Pilot

Welcome to the very first episode of our new show, Gadgetlyst Bytes – our new monthly podcast recapping the month in gadget news. This month, we take a look at Sandy Bridge’s huge flaw, RIM topping Apple and Android, taking a look at some very yummy Gingerbread.

Hosted by Stewart and I (and not Terence, not that we hate him or anything), we also provide you an update of the Computer, and USB hand warmers?

Don’t forget to listen, and subscribe! See you in March.



Show Notes

The Stories

Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge, halts sales

Intel Sandy Bridge Glitch Causes Manufacturers To Scramble [Updated] For A Fix

New Samsung concept does real-time translations

Google shows off Android Gingerbread for tablets

Blackberry tops iPhone in smartphone race – according to RIM

RIM 2011 product lineup leaked: Sedona, Montana, Monaco and Malibu coming later in year

Hand warmers – now powered by USB

The 4G onslaught begins


Stewart: Dream Plug

Tom: Moto Cliq 2

The theme music for Gadgetlyst Bytes is “Living Lost” by Firebrand Boy. You can download the song, and the album of it celebrating Anapnea’s fourth birthday on Anapnea’s website.

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