Fujifilm brings out new HD "super-zoom" cameras

Fujifilm brings out new HD "super-zoom" cameras

Fujifilm has announced three brand new HD cameras as part of its overall refresh to its “S-Series” line of SLR cameras. The new cameras are the FinePix S2950, FinePix S3200 and FinePix S4000 – and all four features have 14 megapixel lenses.

The S2950, which is the one shown above, has an 18x zoom with a wide angle 28mm – 504mm high precision optical lens, with a mechanically stabilised sensor and high ISO setting sensitivity – allowing the camera to blur the effects of shaking hands and movements of the subject.

Fujifilm FinePix S3200 Camera (Credit: Fujifilm)

The S3200 and S4000 also feature that, but instead of a mechanically stabilised sensor with a Dual-Image Stabilisation CCD sensor. They also have it has greater zoom capabilities, with the S3200 having a 24mm – 576mm optical lens with 24x zoom; while the S4000 has 30x zoom and a super-wide 24mm – 720mm optical lens.

The models also features a 3-inch LCD screen, and will also feature an electronic viewfinder, and are able to record in 720p HD at 30 frames per second. Other features include Facial Recognition (S3200 and S4000 only), a way to capture panoramic images easily and that the cameras are powered simply with AA batteries – just how many will it need, is a different story.

Fujifilm FinePix S4000 Camera (Credit: Fujifilm)

The camera also features in-camera tagging that is compatible with Facebook’s tagging system on its photos, and with YouTube’s video tagging system. You will, however, need to plug your camera or memory card to the computer in order to upload those images/videos.

Another feature is that it has something called “Smile and Blink Detection”, which take the photo only when the subject/s are smiling, while also the blink detection will warn you of anyone blinking so you can retake that shot again.

The S2950 will be out this month at a price point of $229.95; while the S3200 will be out next month at $249.95. The S4000 will be out in March with a price tag of $279.95.

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