From this to Kony 2012? Those other Invisible Children videos

From this to Kony 2012? Those other Invisible Children videos

Kony 2012 might be the only video you may have seen from Invisible Children, but turns out there’s more. Only spending a third of their revenue actually in Africa, the other two-third happens to be spent on advocacy and making videos such as Kony – and also these other videos spread across Vimeo, YouTube and other platforms.

The only problem is that they are hiding some of these videos – especially on YouTube, since many of these videos really don’t address the problem of what they are advocating. But while they are visually pretty, is it worth the money?

High School Musical?

In a weird mashup with 80s fashion and, well, the aforementioned High School Musical; basically the three co-founders decide to use dance to answer hard questions such as ‘What do you know about ending the war?’ and ‘If we sleep outside, will there be a bathroom?’. According to Boing Boing, the video has since been taken down by Invisible Children, but another person has uploaded it to their profile.

A brand new cult

Remember the fiasco about the money that they spend? Only around a third is spent in Africa. The other two-thirds are spent in advocacy, and creating events such as this – ‘The Fourth Estate’. In an really, really cult-like ad, they use the French Revolution as inspiration to start a new revolution to create a new force of… vigilantism? Batman, anyone?

IC: Christmas is dead

Yes, thanks to actions such as you for buying ethically made products, we’ve killed the North Pole economy. The elves aren’t happy, and it’s now war. For some unknown reason, it’s listed publicly on Vimeo, but as unlisted on YouTube (though, a simple Google Search found the link)

The Knights of Uganda?

Lip-syncing Knights of Cydonia by Muse, vans driven like they were horses, fist bumps and air guitars? This is, no kidding, an ad to promote its World Tour back in 2007. I leave it to one commentator on this video to summarise my point, “What does this video have to do with the children of Africa?”. This video, however, seems to be private on YouTube (this is a common occurrence, isn’t it) but we managed to find it on MySpace – remember that?

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