French company tries to revive the 90s - with a Nokia

French company tries to revive the 90s - with a Nokia

Ever wished that your current phone is just a bit too much – with all of its internet connectivity, constant social networking options and lots and lots of graphics? Well, a French company called Lëkki has a solution for you – by giving you a phone from the 90s.

Yes, you can now get back to your 4-line display with such features as SMS text messaging and the ever popular game Snake. The one above is the Nokia 3210, one of Nokia’s iconic phones back when it was actually on top and when there was no such thing as a graphical interface for phones. Lëkki has managed to source these from second-hand shops and sellers, and have refurbished them for resell.

They also have another Motorola phone on sale as well, with plans to sell more classic phones.

This phone will set you back around US$98, with an extra $13 in order to have your own combinations of colour rather than the preselected green, yellow or black. You can purchase them online.

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