Foxtel's Presto delayed because of "technical issues"

Foxtel's Presto delayed because of "technical issues"

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Foxtel has delayed the launch of Presto by up to two months after a few technical issues and software glitches. The movie streaming service and Netflix competitor was due to launch at the latter end of last year, but – obviously – missed that deadline.

A Foxtel spokesperson told the Australian Financial Review, “This is a complicated platform to put together and there have been a few technical issues.”

“We’re double checking everything to make sure it’s completely working before we launch it. We’re aiming to launch it in the next couple of months but we haven’t got a specific date at this stage.”

Presto would charge a monthly subscription of $24.99 to non-Foxtel subscribers who would liked access to new-release movies on-demand. The company already signed deals with the big motion picture studios – including Warner Brothers, Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. It was also going to bundle a live stream of all of its movie channels – except for premium drama channel Showcase and SBS-owned World Movies.

via AFR

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