Foxtel to bring new channel, dubs it ‘Next Generation’

Foxtel has announced it will be bringing another 30 channels to its platform during the year, and will make significant upgrades to its new guide and active services, revamp its channel packages and bring downloadable content to users.

Its new service, dubbed “FOXTEL Next Generation”, will be launched on November 15, while its new service that will allow you to download movies and TV shows relating to your packages will be accessible to all subscribers on October 1.

New channel on the Foxtel platform include LifeStyle YOU, 13TH Street, The Style Network, Eurosport, KidsCo, FMC, STARPICS, Showtime Action, Showtime Comedy, Showtime Drama, Discovery Turbo MAX and Nat Geo Wild. As well, FOX Sports 1HD, 2HD and 3HD, FOX8 HD, W HD, MOVIE ONE HD, Showcase HD, Showtime HD, Showtime Premiere HD, STARPICS 1HD and 2HD and UKTV HD will join the platform under its FOXTEL HD+ service.

Also introduced will be new timeshift channels: 111 HITS +2, Discovery Channel +2, Discovery Turbo MAX +2, LifeStyle FOOD Channel +2, LifeStyle YOU +2, SCI FI +2, Showcase two and STARPICS +2; and sixteen new dedicated movie channels that will be tailored by genre with no advertising interruptions to any movie. Weather Active will be getting an upgrade, while SKY News Local ACTIVE will appear for each of Australia’s five capital cities.

Foxtel will introduce a new iQ Value pack, giving subscribers two choices – one that will allow you to build your own package (with prices starting at $42) and add the iQ (which will cost $10), or take a iQ Value pack (starting price is $72) which will include one for free.

Information of the new plans, and where these channels will be allocated, have not been released yet.

“Having an iQ, powered by Next Generation, means there are three viewing options for every television program, special event or movie – watch it live, watch it On Demand, or watch it recorded to the iQ. FOXTEL Next Generation now makes it truly possible to watch what you want, when you want and with our new FOXTEL download service, where you want,” CEO Kim Williams said.

“We continue to improve our service and expand our channel offering, we now have almost 200 channels on the FOXTEL platform providing premium programming across all genres.”

“FOXTEL Next Generation not only offers our subscribers more viewing options, it uses technology to take the FOXTEL television experience online, which gives our service great portability, adaptability and even better value,” he continues.

In other news, Austar – Foxtel’s partner for rural areas – will also be launching this new service on November 15, with its new MyStar HD PVR. It will introduce new channels, including LifeStyle You, 13th Street, The Style Network, Kids Co, Discovery Turbo MAX, Nat Geo Wild, Families Movie Channel, Starpics, Showtime Action, Showtime Comedy, Showtime Drama and Eurosport.

Austar will also bring in BBC Knowledge and CBeebies – two channels that have been on Foxtel since its launch – and will bring in Al Jazeera English. It will also deliver the new HD channels and timeshift channels on Foxtel.

The new upgrade will cost an additional $5 increase in subscription prices.

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