Foxtel Play launches - watch Pay-TV without the contract and box

Foxtel Play launches - watch Pay-TV without the contract and box


Foxtel has revealed its long-awaited Foxtel Play service, which will make it easier for customers to access pay-TV content without needing to pay for a hefty subscription, the iQ box and the 24-month contract. However, it will require you to have a decent data cap (unless you are on Bigpond).

Foxtel Play will launch with 40 channels – including Fox8, UKTV, FX, SoHo and Showcase – and will be available on smart TVs, PC and Macs, and Xbox 360. Customers can choose from four Genre picks – Entertainment, Drama, Documentaries and Kids; and then can top that up with a “Premium” pack with Fox Sports and Foxtel Movies.

On top of the packs, you will get Sky News, Sky News Business, Fox Sports News, Channel V and Channel V Hits.

However, do note some limitations – likely because of rights restrictions. Fox Footy’s Footy Play service, TV1 and SF are not available on PC and Mac, while SBS-owned World Movies will not be available on Xbox 360.

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The best thing about the service is that it is contact-free, meaning that you can purchase it for whenever Foxtel has something decent (which is becoming a regular occurrence). Whether it is simply to watch the latest seasons of Dexter and Game of Thrones, watching cricket, or just to get your fix of BBC drama (especially after that deal with Foxtel that kicks in the middle of 2014) – this makes it appealing to watch Foxtel.

As a Foxtel subscriber, you will also have access to Foxtel Go – letting you watch catch-up programmes and live TV on your iPad or Android tablet. Of course, like any Foxtel subscriber, the channels available on Go will be based on what you pick on Foxtel Play (i.e. don’t expect live streaming of Fox Sports 1 on Foxtel Go when you have not ordered the Sports Premium Pick on Play).

However, I do wish they took it a step further and made it a-la-carte – pick what channels that I would pay for as opposed to packs.

The service starts on August 11, and you can start ordering Foxtel Play from its website.

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