Foxtel expands availability to Telstra T-Box

Foxtel expands availability to Telstra T-Box

Your mobile phone and your Xbox 360 are not the only places where you can now watch Foxtel, with Telstra announcing that it will offer 30 channels from the Foxtel channel lineup to its customers who are using its T-Box set-top box.

The deal would mean that consumers will be able to stream the best of Foxtel’s lineup of channels, all unmetered via BigPond. Channels include FOX 8, CNN International, TV1 and MTV – though the exact channel lineup could change. The deal will also include offering its on-demand catchup service to T-Box subscribers, which includes more than 300 titles – ranging from movies to television shows.

Foxtel, which is 50 percent owned by the telco, will announce pricing and packages closer to the launch – which is set at May 2011.

Full press release is after the jump.

Telstra to offer FOXTEL on T-Box in May 2011

Telstra T-Box customers will soon be able to enjoy FOXTEL channels via their Telstra T-Box following the signing of an agreement between the two companies.

The agreement will see 30 of some of FOXTEL’s best channels – including FOX8, Discovery, FOX Sports Play, Movie One and Showtime Premiere – streamed directly to the T-Box and unmetered via either a BigPond ADSL or cable broadband service. The service will be available in metropolitan areas where FOXTEL subscription services are already available.

In addition to the 2000 plus films already available for download through BigPond Movies, FOXTEL on T-Box will soon include on-demand television from FOXTEL. Featuring more than 300 titles, this also includes a wide range of catch-up movies and TV programs.

Telstra Chief Executive Officer David Thodey said, “With T-Boxes in close to 120,000 Australian homes, Telstra is helping to usher in a new era of internet-delivered home entertainment across Australia.

“Our customers are telling us they love the existing seven BigPond TV channels and more than 2000 on-demand BigPond Movies, and with the new unmetered FOXTEL on T-Box service for BigPond ADSL and cable customers they will be spoilt for choice.

“For many customers it will open up an exciting world of affordable internet delivered home entertainment. And there’s more to come for the T-Box in 2011 with interactive features such as BigPond Sports Game Analyser, games and increased integration with the T-Hub and other devices.”

FOXTEL Chief Executive and Managing Director, Kim Williams AM said, “FOXTEL on T-Box is an exciting new service which extends FOXTEL’s bold move into the broadband space – a space where consumers are heading at increasing speed, and where we are eager to develop relevant, compelling product propositions.

“FOXTEL continues to invest in innovative new ways to deliver FOXTEL, to ensure consumers have attractive choice and personal control over their television viewing and options, supported with simple to use intuitive technologies.”

“With this new offer we are able – through Telstra – to reach new customer segments. For those Australians who may not yet be ready to take the full FOXTEL service – with its choice of over 200 channels, 20 HD channels and full digital recorder functionality – or those who may want to focus on a condensed service and internet delivery, then FOXTEL on T-Box offers a superb alternative that will connect strongly with their wants and needs,” Mr Williams said.

Telstra BigPond will also become FOXTEL’s preferred internet service provider and extend unmetered FOXTEL via broadband content for BigPond ADSL and cable customers to other Telstra supported devices. More Telstra supported devices, including IPTV-enabled televisions, will be announced in the months ahead.

The Telstra T-Box currently offers customers the ability to pause, rewind and record live free-to-air TV, with storage of up to 100 hours of content. After launch this feature is intended to be available to all the FOXTEL on T-Box channels.

Packages and pricing, as well as the full channel line-up will be announced closer to launch.

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